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About Adult Education Center Heidekreis GmbH

The Adult Education Center is a non-profit educational institution that develops open, high-quality and needs-oriented educational and counselling services for its participants. Qualification-based training is an essential feature of its offering, which includes vocational training of teenagers and young adults as well as further vocational training.

Surveys Before evasys

As with many organizations in a similar space, the Adult Education Center is obliged by its client (job center) to check the quality of seminars with surveys. The participants of a seminar received a paper questionnaire at the end of the seminar, which was then evaluated manually and processed in Excel. This procedure was very time-consuming and error prone.

For its programs, individual areas were evaluated on a rotating basis with different questionnaires. The surveys were carried out sporadically and on specific occasions, which led to poor quality data for these evaluations. Relative to the total number of seminars, the number of surveys carried out was minimal and did not convey the big picture to administrators.


"The start into the data processing supported evaluation of seminars was possible quickly and uncomplicated with the help of evasys. The demand-oriented adaptation of existing questionnaires enables a more differentiated evaluation."

– Rüdiger Lippert, evasys Administrator, Adult Education Center Heidekreis

Surveys with evasys

The Adult Education Center’s expectations of evasys were fully met. Personel and time required for the creation of a survey has been reduced enormously: it only takes about five minutes to create a survey. Scanning completed questionnaires takes around one minute, depending on how many there are, and manual evaluations have been completely eliminated. Instructors now receive their evaluations by email shortly after the seminar ends and benefit greatly from this automation and fast feedback to improve the quality of their seminars.


"Evasys has a user-friendly design and enables targeted navigation via the user interface. Evaluations are possible from different angles and thus help in the development of new offers."

– Rüdiger Lippert, evasys Administrator, Adult Education Center Heidekreis

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