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Patient surveys

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Employee surveys

About Essen University Hospital

The Essen University Hospital (UK Essen) is today the largest single-site university hospital in the Ruhr area, treating 195,000 outpatients and 53,000 inpatients annually. Patients at UK Essen benefit from the latest available therapies in the areas of oncology, cardiology and transplants.

Surveys Before evasys

Prior to the introduction of evasys, surveys were conducted with paper questionnaires. The feedback was then manually entered into an Excel file by an employee and then manually evaluated with Excel. This was not only time intensive, but error prone, and evaluation of results was complicated.


"evasys simplifies the work of a QM representative. Less time is needed for data acquisition and there is more time for data evaluation and the derivation of improvement measures."

– Oliver Steidle, Deputy Head of the Quality Management and Clinical Risk Management Unit

Surveys with evasys

The advantages of evasys for UK Essen lie in automation, and the corresponding positive cost-benefit analysis. Given the versatile nature of evasys, various survey projects are now carried out efficiently, including continuous patient surveys, procedures for risk management, and employee surveys.

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