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About the Institut zur Fortbildung von Betriebsräten GmbH & Co. KG

The Institut zur Fortbildung von Betriebsräten (ifb for short) is an educational institution in Germany for the further training of works councils, representatives of severely disabled employees and other Employee representatives. With over 170 permanent employees and around 55,000 attendees per year, ifb GmbH & Co. KG is the market leader in Germany for private and non-union seminar organizers for works councils and employee representatives.

As a seminar provider with up to 260 face-to-face and online seminars per week, held in 70 cities by around 830 instructors and 230 seminar leaders, the ifb depends on centralized, highly automated processes for preparation and follow-up.

Surveys before evasys

Before evasys was implemented, survey returns had to be manually captured and typed. Therefore, the capture of the forms took usually between 15 and 20 minutes per seminar, for very large events even up to 40 minutes.

Prior using evasys, online seminars of the ifb could not be evaluated, because the corresponding function was missing in the previously used evaluation system.


"The automatic recognition and digitalization of our participants' answers saves us an enormous amount of time in seminar postprocessing. We can use the saved time to implement requests and suggestions for optimization, to continuously improve our quality, and to spend even more time with our customers." - Marcus Hilmer, ifb

Highest possible automation of seminar evaluation with evasys

Since 2021, evasys has been used at the ifb for the evaluation of online, face-to-face, and in-house seminars as well as conferences. Usually, up to 260 face-to-face and online seminars per week are evaluated with evasys.

One of the decisive points for choosing evasys was the possibility to conduct surveys via different media and to automatically evaluate and analyze the results in one system: whether in paper form, online or combined as a hybrid survey. This allows the survey medium to be adapted flexibly and to respond to changing situations.

In addition, evasys was convincing in its approach to how the system is structured and how surveys are composed. For example, the module evaluation function in evasys is of great advantage to the ifb, since their questionnaires are composed of several, recurring individual surveys and with the help of this function they can be evaluated separately from each other. This allows the ifb’s survey processes to be made much more efficient and their seminars to be continuously improved.


"The module surveys in evasys allow us to flexibly add current, additional questions to our standardized quality assurance questions at any time without negatively impacting our evaluations." - Marcus Hilmer, ifb

With the help of the SOAP API, it was possible to achieve a very high degree of automation in the survey process. The only manual effort now consists of manually updating the system with subsequent changes, such as replacing instructors at short notice, and scanning the paper returns. Overall, the administrative effort is now only about 5 to 10 minutes per day.