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Participant surveys

Course evaluations

Employee surveys

About SoCura GmbH

SoCura has been offering professional services in the areas of accounting, IT and Human Resources since 2005 and operates the entire IT landscape of the Malteser Network in Germany. Approximately 300 employees at three locations provide services for more than 80,000 full-time and voluntary employees of the Malteser Network in Germany across the education, church, charity and healthcare sectors.

Surveys Before evasys

Prior to the introduction of evasys, participant surveys were conducted on paper and evaluated by an assistant who was required to be on site. This led to long waits between data collection and the presentation of results. It also meant that data was collected manually with external tools and the evaluation was done with custom code written in SPSS. Since the figures had to be prepared manually, not only was the overall processing time very long, but the reports were often difficult to understand.


“The competent consulting and reliable communication with Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme GmbH, in connection with the simplified operation evasys provides, were deciding factors for us.”

– Wiebke Kraus, Consultant for Education Management and Administration, Malteser Academy

Surveys with evasys

SoCura uses evasys to survey the participants of seminars and courses as well as to survey the employees within the Malteser Network. The time required for their feedback gathering has been significantly reduced: at the Malteser Academy it usually takes no more than 15 minutes per day on average.

The primary goal for SoCura was significantly faster evaluation of the results of the individual seminars, and that has been achieved. This was particularly important in order to give their speakers quick feedback on teaching performance and improve the quality of their courses.

evasys also allows SoCura to distribute the responsibility for evaluation of survey results via evasys’ user roles and collaboration features, further reducing evaluation wait times. Another goal for SoCura was to improve the presentation of the results data so that the recipients could read and understand reports with ease, which has been achieved and automated via evasys’ reporting tool function.


“With evasys, our speakers receive fast and clear feedback on their work.”

– Wiebke Kraus, Consultant for Education Management and Administration, Malteser Academy

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