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About Bielefeld University

Bielefeld University was founded in 1969 and comprises 13 faculties covering a wide range of subjects. It has approximately 24,000 students enrolled across 116 study programs and over 2,900 employees, including almost 1,800 scientists.

In the search for suitable course evaluation software solution, the university was particularly interested in ensuring that the software used would fit the university’s long-term evaluation needs. An essential aspect here was that the faculties themselves become responsible for the implementation of course evaluations.

Surveys Before evasys

Course evaluations, student surveys and various other surveys on studies and teaching were carried out, but it was unclear regarding what tools should be used for these surveys. They ranged from Microsoft Word-based questionnaires, the results of which were manually transferred to Microsoft Excel lists, to a combination of software solutions financed by decentralized units. As part of a university-wide digitization strategy, the rectorate decided to introduce a centralized software-supported course evaluation solution the entire university could use.


"The integration of our campus management system with evasys as our central evaluation service fits perfectly with our goal of supporting fields of study and teaching in the best possible way."

– Professor Claudia Riemer, Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching, Bielefeld University

Surveys with evasys

Since 2017, evasys has enabled the university to create evaluations for hundreds of courses within minutes, giving the subunit administrators more time focus on the outcomes of those evaluations to improve their services.

Using the SOAP-API, the university’s internal development team was able to seamlessly link evasys with the university’s CMS, BIS (Bielefelder Informationssystem). This enables the administrators of the faculties to create largely preconfigured teaching evaluations in evasys from their CMS with a single click. Information such as the titles of the courses are automatically imported, suitable links are created for the instructors and the pseudonymized email addresses of the course participants are also imported.

The SOAP-API also enables the University of Bielefeld to integrate evasys into its single sign-on landscape. For university members, the transition between their CMS, various LMS’ and evasys is thus possible without having to login again, and without compromising high level security, which reduces administration processes.

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