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About vhw – Federal Association for Housing and Urban Development

The vhw is a non-profit association dedicated to training and research in the areas of housing and urban development and conducts more than 1,800 seminars with over 53,000 participants annually.

Surveys Before evasys

For years, the vhw carried out participant surveys for its events in order to examine the quality of teaching in relation to its curriculum criteria. However, the questionnaires were not machine-readable, and the responsible administrator manually created the questionnaire as a form for each individual event in Microsoft Word based on a general template. The data then had to be evaluated manually with Microsoft Excel.

When vhw expanded its seminar offering, this became increasingly challenging. As the number of seminars grew, the amount of evaluation work became insurmountable. The vhw sought a solution that would allow the centralized systematic evaluation of survey results, including aggregated evaluations, and comparisons of individual events, topic areas and regions.


"evasys is particularly well suited to educational providers with its wide range of features, as well as its professional customer service."

– Henning Dettleff, Head of Advanced Training, vhw – Federal Association for Housing and Urban Development

Surveys with evasys

Since the introduction of evasys, the vhw has drastically reduced the resources required for its survey processes. The high degree of automation has limited the time needed for the preparation and follow-up of participant surveys to only a few minutes per event. This has left more time for the vhw to improve its offerings based on the evaluation data it collects. In addition, the centralized storage and permanent availability of evaluation results has enabled a wholistic, periodic and systematic quality monitoring solution to drive the vhw to new heights.


"With the high degree of automation, the time required for the preparation and follow up of participant surveys is down to about three minutes each.”

– Henning Dettleff, Head of Advanced Training, vhw – Federal Association for Housing and Urban Development

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