A new HTML report interface for evasys

With the release of version 8.0 (2202), the previous HTML report system that had been integrated in evasys for many years was replaced with an updated system. It’s not just a new coat of paint with an updated look, but also has additional functions which allow interactive analysis of data. Below are a few key insights into these new functions.

New, modern design

The new HTML report has a neat, easy-to-use design. Individual question groups can be expanded and collapsed simply by clicking on the headline.

Bar charts visualize the results of single-choice and multiple-choice questions. Scale questions are initially displayed in an overview with the average value achieved in each case so that a trend can be quickly seen at first glance. Another mouse click will open a bar chart showing some statistical parameters.

Display of the response rate

For a quick overview, the response rate of a survey is displayed clearly in the header area with the help of a graphic.

Language selection for multilingualism

If an underlying questionnaire is multilingual, the language of the report can be selected via a drop-down menu.

Interactive filtering of data

Within the report, response options can be filtered as needed. The report recalculates the results live and displays the filtered values according to the selection. Multiple filters can be combined within the report.

Responsive layout

The report is now fully responsive and adapts automatically to the end device that is used. In this way, it can also be displayed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets without any problems.


The new reporting tool was developed for accessibility and was reviewed according to the requirements of WCAG 2.1 AA. It is fully keyboard controllable and can be read aloud using screen readers so that visually impaired persons can also use it to its full extent. If necessary, it can also be switched from graphical display to a high-contrast table display.

Any questions? We are here to help.

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