Refine the quality of your seminars with meaningful feedback

Improve all aspects of your seminars by better understanding what your participants think. evasys fully automates your seminar evaluation processes with intelligent tools, such as learning outcomes or dual scale evaluations, so you can save resources and get the data you need.

More than 1,500 institutions, companies, facilities and organisations trust us

evasys’ features allow you to increase participation through paper, online, or hybrid seminar evaluations, and get quality data by reaching them at the right time and in a manner they can be comfortable answering honestly.

evasys streamlines your seminar evaluation processes with full automation across all media, from preparation through to reporting. Further increase your efficiency by having evasys integrate with your existing IT systems so once it’s setup, it’s done.


evasys’ automation features are designed to help you get the most out of your existing data and leverage the knowledge of your entire company, select departments, or individual instructors to streamline your seminar evaluation setup.

  • Create personalized surveys quickly and easily with your existing metadata which applies to specific participants.
  • Define a central survey structure, then assign sections to individuals so they can measure for specific priorities.
  • Get instant survey feedback with the HTML dashboard and drill-down functionality to enable participants to feel valued.
  • Control evasys with your existing ERP, CRM, LMS, etc. so you don’t have to login to evasys itself.
Automatisierter Kreislauf von Befragungen.

We understand that increased response rates and inclusivity are only part of the story. evasys gives you flexible tools so participants can trust the survey process, feel safe in being honest, and you can get the reliable data you need.

  • Maximize participation with paper, online, or hybrid combined surveys, and across all digital platforms.
  • Allow participants to give honest responses through anonymized participation with randomized transaction numbers, links, and more.
  • Increase accessibility with WCAG 2.1 Level AA support, multiple survey distribution channels, and multilingual support.
  • Set interval-based reminders for incomplete surveys: instructors are automatically notified and can tell participants in person to encourage completion.
Qualität der Antworten durch evasys.

evasys’ collection of reporting tools empowers you to improve your seminars by seeing the outcomes of entire evaluations, or the performance of specific modules within them, at a glance.

  • Enjoy automatically generated, meaningful reports based on entire surveys, or individual questions, for easy in-depth analysis.
  • See the quality of specific questions instantly with the traffic-light system, showing which questions are above or below defined quality thresholds.
  • Customize report presentation for various audiences: control what elements are displayed, how, for whom, and apply changes to multiple automated reports at once.
  • Save time with the presentation template, converting reports for use as Powerpoint slides and presentations.
Aussagekräftige Reports.

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evasys seminar evaluations

Designed to support you at every stage

    Automate all phases of the seminar evaluation: preparation, distribution, capturing, analysis and quality management, be it online, paper or hybrid.


    Use paper, online, and combined hybrid evaluations, with online evaluations displaying across all digital devices to increase participation, and still enjoy centralized data capture –even for handwritten responses with ICR scanning.


    Use powerful templates and drag and drop functionality for text, images or graphs, and an intelligent question library. Create a block once, use it again in other seminar evaluations and questionnaires or quickly adapt it for a new purpose.


    Instantly generated, detailed and meaningful reports based on entire seminar evaluations, or individual modules within the surveys so you can group results together for in-depth analysis.


    Distribute a seminar evaluation at regular intervals with intelligent scheduling, or have additional surveys automatically distributed once one is complete.


    Provide company-wide access, or to select departments or individuals, to collaborate in the seminar evaluation design, administration or reports, and get an overview on all surveys and processes from your dashboard for easy management.


    In addition to interfacing with most common CRM, ERP and LMS ecosystems, our API allows us to create customised integrations as required.


    Our support does not stop after initial setup and individual training sessions. Our customers enjoy ongoing consultations with our dedicated support team, in addition to our regular webinars and experienced trainers.


    Use evasys for your entire institution, or for individual faculties, and use our hosting for your data with our secure and exclusive EU-based servers with full GDPR compliance.


    Save on your projects time with our questionnaire library and use questions or blocks from your library to quickly build new seminar evaluations.


    Easily see your entire seminar evaluation’s structure and contents at a glance with a tree-structure dropdown function.


    Seminar evaluations may either be attributed to individuals by using transaction numbers, or simply with a link when anonymity is desired.


    Use our powerful survey automation survey functions to modify hundreds of different seminar evaluations with just a few clicks.


    Customize your seminar evaluation’s look with your organisation’s logo and branding for increased recognition.


    For those who do not want to integrate evasys directly with their existing systems, easy import and export functions bridge the gap.


    Semi-automated evaluation of open questions for categorization, topic extraction and sentiment analysis and analysis and processing of large text corpora.


    Designed to give you direct access to evasys data without having to worry about system internals, and works with over 200 database tables to map your organization and defined evaluation processes.


    Integrate evasys into your existing LMS via LTI, or use our well-documented SDK to easily create custom integrations and standalone applications with SOAP API for any systems that support web services.

Our Promise

To elevate your performance by improving your processes

Our experienced support and training team offers ongoing personalized help and guidance.


Integrations are easy with our well-documented API.


Our software is designed to be flexible and easily adapted for each organisation’s needs.


Be confident with full GDPR compliance and servers exclusively based in the EU.

Try evasys for yourself

Discover the power of evasys with a quick tour
Welcome to evasys – our web-based survey platform for designing and conducting cross-media surveys.

Here we show you how to conduct your surveys professionally and automatically. Now let’s take a look at the software!

Admin view with subareas
  • Map your individual organisational structure including all subareas using a tree structure.
  • You can navigate to the individual survey projects via the subareas
Create survey projects
  • Conduct large survey projects with just a few clicks.
  • Link selected courses to an questionnaire created previously.
  • Automate and schedule the mailing of the survey to your participants.
  • Remain consistent over time series, reuse the questionnaire in subsequent periods.
Create questionnaires with the integrated questionnaire editor
  • The drag & drop function simplifies questionnaire creation and saves time.
  • Questionnaires are highly customisable.
  • The layout is extremely clear, thanks to the distinction between question blocks and individual questions.
  • The intelligent question library increases the quality of your questionnaires.
  • You have the option of collaborating and cooperating on survey projects.
A glimpse into the questionnaire designer
  • The Designer enables questionnaires to be created quickly and easily.
  • Sophisticated questionnaires can be designed according to your quality standards.
  • You can customise the questionnaire design to your particular target group.
Data import & integration
  • Easy and fast data import possible.
  • Data consistency and data synchronisation guaranteed.
  • Direct interface into your learning platform (LMS) and/or campus management system (CMS).
Your survey options: online, paper and hybrid (combined).
  • Online functionality on all digital devices.
  • High clarity and easy user guidance.
  • Conduct your surveys both online and on paper, regardless of the situation.
  • You can also easily change the survey medium.
Unique scanning technology
  • evasys’s intelligent scanning technology enables automated evaluation and processing of your paper-based survey.
  • evasys has an excellent answer recognition rate. Answers for which recognition is doubtful are processed with the help of vision correction.
  • You can also conduct combined surveys: evasys can blend online and paper formats!
Viewing survey results
  • Survey data and response rates are available immediately.
  • You can switch quickly between subareas and individual modules.
  • Detailed reports (incl. all raw data) and clear HTML reports are available.
  • A simple export function is available for further data analysis.
Automated dispatch of result reports – fast & individual
  • HTML report with dynamic filtering
  • Automated dispatch
  • Individual & target group specific
KI-gestützte Datenanalyse mit evasys
AI-powered data analysis
  • Interactive visualization options for survey data
  • Intuitive and exploratory analysis of qualitative response data
May we introduce you to the evasys survey automation in more detail in a personal demo?
Onboarding is quick and easy

Step 1


Our IT department works with you to import your desired data and integrate evasys into your existing systems

Step 2


Our training staff train you to use the software and setup your first course evaluations.

Step 3


evasys is setup, you’re trained and ready to go, but our support does not stop.



Ongoing, personalized relationships with our attentive support team are just the start.

  • Join engaged community groups and special interest groups where you can discuss and learn.
  • Enjoy our webinars that help you get the most out of our platform.

Simply put, we’re here to develop with you. Regular updates based on customer feature requests are included in your service, too.

What users are saying

"The performance and quality of our department and our range of services have been significantly increased by using the software."

  • Petra Huxholl,
  • Director Guest Management & Business Development
  • face to face Event GmbH

"Evasys is tailored particularly well to education providers, with a wide range of features and professional customer service."

  • Henning Dettleff,
  • Head of Advanced Training
  • vhw - Bundesverband für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung e.V.

"Evasys has a user-friendly design and enables targeted navigation via the user interface. Evaluations are possible from different angles and thus help in the development of new offers."

  • Rüdiger Lippert,
  • evasys Administrator
  • Adult Education Center Heidekreis GmbH

"The automatic recognition and digitalization of our participants' answers saves us an enormous amount of time in seminar postprocessing. We can use the saved time to implement requests and suggestions for optimization, to continuously improve our quality, and to spend even more time with our customers."

  • Marcus Hilmer
  • ifb Institut zur Fortbildung von Betriebsräten GmbH & Co. KG