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The world’s leading software for automating both survey and exam solutions for employees, students, customers, patients and citizens.

More than 1.500 institutions, companies, facilities and organisations trust us.

The professional and secure web-based platform for the design and conduction of paper, online and hybrid surveys. Fully automated distribution, reporting and analytics that seamlessly integrates with your existing IT environment and ensures you get the quality data you need.

The comprehensive web-based platform for the design and administration of secure paper and digital examinations, tests and quizzes. Time-saving automation from preparation to assessment that integrates with your existing IT environment to improve the quality of your tests with ease.

The tried-and-tested workflow management system supports you in quality management processes in study and teaching and centralizes the entire accreditation process for the efficient mapping of system and program accreditation in universities.

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Improve your institution’s staff and student performance with insights from course and seminar evaluations, exam and test administration, and more.


Refine your patient reported outcomes and quality and risk management systems with patient surveys, staff training evaluations, and more.


Gain insights into your employee training quality, customer satisfaction, employee performance, and organisational structure with surveys, tests and more.


Understand your citizens or public services with paper, online or hybrid polls, surveys and more.

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Complete Analytics Solutions

We are the world’s only platform that provides fully automated survey and exam solutions for online, paper and hybrid use. This makes us the only platform for organizations to truly close the loop on operational performance and the studies or training that empowers it.

Our combination of media makes a difference, as do our intelligent features that ensure you get the clean, quality data you need with minimal effort. This allows for easier administration, increased participation, and centralized capture of meaningful data so you can make better decisions.

We help institutions, companies and organisations streamline the survey ecosystem so they can make better decisions and elevate their performance.

By allowing automation of the survey creation and feedback process across all media, and integrating with existing IT environment, all your response data is captured quickly, efficiently, and centralized so you can easily analyze quality data.

Would you like to better understand your learners, teachers, seminar participants, employees, or patients and improve your potential with evasys?

Through automating your examination process, we help you improve the quality of your tests to maximize learner opportunities to demonstrate what they have studied or been trained to do.

Institutions, companies and organisations save time and personnel resources through intelligent features that integrate with existing IT environment to allow for the efficient creation, administration, proctoring and assessment of exams and tests.

Would you like to learn how evaexam can streamline and improve your examination process?

Qurricula optimizes your accreditation and quality management processes and is a workflow management solution developed specifically for and with universities.

Our software supports you in planning, processing and completing routine quality management tasks by using a central database.In seconds, you can generate reports, complete documentation requirements and tasks in your accreditation or reaccreditation processes.

Let us show you how qurricula can improve your quality management.

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Our Promise

To elevate your performance by improving your processes

Our experienced team offers ongoing personalized support and guidance.


Integrations are easy with standards like LTI, our API, and custom-developed plugins.


Our software is designed to be customized for each organisation’s needs.


Be confident with full GDPR compliance and servers based in the EU.

Our Approach

Over 25 years, we have built successful and personal long-term relationships with institutions and organisations worldwide.

Our growth and success are driven by the feedback we receive from our customers during our personalized support at each step of the way, from setup and implementation, to webinars and customer events. We are more than a service: we are a community.

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