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About Vitos GmbH

Vitos combines several psychiatric institutions with a history of over 475 years, marking the very beginning of psychiatry within a state-controlled system in the German-speaking world. Since 2008, these institutions were separated into 12 non-profit subsidiaries under one holding company, which in 2009 was named Vitos.

Surveys Before evasys

In earlier years, surveys of inpatients were implemented by an external service provider. “However, the results were only available after a considerable delay,” explains Martina Bold from the quality management department. In order to enable direct correlations between measures taken and changes in patient satisfaction, Vitos understood that patient surveys should be continual. They wanted a new evaluation system that enabled fast and flexible evaluations and could be integrated with a complaint management system. After researching several solutions, Vitos decided to use evasys.


"With evasys, the clinics have the results of the patient surveys available in a timely manner, can observe trends over time, and react immediately if necessary."

– Martina Bold, Quality Manager, Vitos GmbH

Surveys with evasys

Vitos was able to introduce a group-wide, continuous patient survey in its clinics for psychiatry and psychotherapy for adults. The evaluations of the questionnaires are available immediately after scanning, and the results discussed and evaluated in regular meetings within the clinics. “Possible measures are, for example, the improvement of therapeutic services, changes in equipment, or a modified menu,” says Bold.

These individual evaluations of the subsidiaries are easily combined into an overall report for Vitos, and the clinics receive comparative values for internal benchmarking, empowering the group to improve patient care and satisfaction efficiently.


"Thanks to evasys, we also have the opportunity to pick out individual aspects and relate them to one another. In this way, we can break down the answers according to women and men and link them to the assessment of drug treatment, for example, to find out whether the views differ according to gender."

– Martina Bold, Quality Manager, Vitos GmbH

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