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For over 25 years, we have helped educational institutions enhance their courses and refine their examinations.

We understand that lifting student retention, engagement, and graduation rates are top priorities in higher education, and evasys and evaexam provide the full suite of solutions to make better decisions to improve your rankings.

Specifically designed for the needs of colleges and universities, evasys is a secure web-based platform that provides an unrivalled level of automation for all phases of the survey process while ensuring you get the quality data and easily understood reports you need.

From the creation of various survey formats, to automated capturing and evaluation, evasys streamlines the creation and mass conduction of surveys for large organisations with manifold survey projects. Maximum flexibility is provided for your project regardless of media, be it classic paper-based surveys, online surveys or combined hybrid surveys.

evasys’ powerful API and databridge provides integrations for your existing IT environment so you can carry out the mass conduction of surveys of any evaluation period with just a few clicks and assign them to the planned module. Your data sources are centralized, too, making analysis easier so you can make better decisions and improve your institution’s performance with:


Continually improving with our experience from over 1,500 colleges and universities over 25 years, evaexam is a web-based platform that automates the entire examination process and empowers you to enhance the quality of your exams with ease.

Either provided centrally at your institution, or for single departments and faculties, evaexam quickly lets you create both legally compliant paper-based and online tests and simplifies and accelerates creation, administration, and assessment. Evaluation of paper-based tests are automated too, with sophisticated and secure scan technology and the ability to grade everything remotely. Classic question types, such as single choice and multiple choice are easily managed, as are matching questions, open questions, and more, as well as the inclusion of graphics and formulas.

evaexam integrates with standards like LTI, and our robust, highly documented API provides integrations into your existing LMS. This allows various learning platforms to display the content of evaexam, including access to online exams, learning level controls, and exam results. Additional extensions also allow for automated proctoring and ID verification, making evaexam the ideal choice for:

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Qurricula was developed especially for universities to organize quality management and accreditation processes easier and better.

Qurricula supports you in planning and completing routine quality management tasks with central data storage of all conceptual program information.

The role-based user administration enables a structured and plannable collaboration of all internal and external stakeholders within your institution and increases the transparency of organization-wide processes.

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Why evasys & evaexam?

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Advantages for Colleges and Universities at a Glance

Increased participation and acceptance

With the flexibility of paper, online or hybrid surveys and exams, and the ability to display across all desktop and mobile devices, participation is significantly increased.

Software, training and support

Our support does not stop after initial setup and training. Our customers enjoy consultations with our dedicated support team and trainers for any help they may need, in addition to our regular webinars and experienced trainers.

User roles and collaboration

Flexible user roles mean the entire institution, or select faculties or individuals, can access evasys and evaexam and collaborate or share, such as for survey or test creation, and more.

Time-saving, intelligent design

Features such as the self-learning questionnaire library allow you to filter your questions by difficulty for tests and exams. Comprehensive and target group-specific data evaluations, intuitive analyzes and visualizations to make everyday work easier and to open up previously unused data potential.

Adaptive integrations as needed

In addition to interfacing with the largest learning management systems like Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, ILIAS, uPortal, Brightspace and standards like LTI, our highly documented API allows you (or us) to create customised integrations as required.

Flexible data storage and hosting

You may want evasys or evaexam for your entire institution, or perhaps for single departments or faculties. Reduce internal expenses and benefit from the best service quality through cloud and managed hosting to ensure the availability and reliability of internal processes.

Our Promise

To elevate your performance by improving your processes

Our experienced support and training team offers ongoing personalized help and guidance.


Integrations are easy with standards like LTI, our API, and custom-developed plugins.


Our software is designed to be flexible and easily adapted for each organisation’s needs.


We are ISO-27001 certified. Be confident with full GDPR compliance and servers exclusively based in the EU.

What users are saying

"Since installation, evasys has been running stably and with almost no technical support required. Up this point, updates have been installed without problems in a short time, and when technical questions arise the support team responds quickly, is understanding, and professional."

  • R. Hager,
  • IT - IT Service Center
  • TU Berlin

"We are very satisfied with evasys. It is particularly pleasing that the software has made it possible to abolish the isolated solutions of evaluation and establish a central administration of the survey situation based on actual comparability of the data."

  • Patrick Sturtz-Klose,
  • Staff Unit II University and Quality Development
  • German Police University (DHPol)

"I am convinced of evasys because the manufacturer offers first-class support and continuously develops the product. Also, evasys is more than just a software. As a user, I benefit from exciting webinars and trainings. As a member of the evasys community, I am part of a professional QM network."

  • Dr. Jyri Hasecker,
  • Office for University Development and Quality Management
  • University of Europe for Applied Sciences

"evasys enables us to follow two paths for course evaluations: to support our lecturers with their independent course evaluations, and for our evaluation officers in comprehensive course evaluations throughout the entire faculty."

  • Doreen Schwarz,
  • Quality Management Studies and Teaching
  • University of Bielefeld