The centralized workflow solution for streamlining quality management and accreditation of study programs in European higher education

Let ease and efficiency be part of your quality management and accreditation processes with our integrated approach, combining state-of-the art software with consultancy services.

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Qurricula is the flexible web-based workflow management solution that can be used to organize and manage all course coordination and quality management processes. Accordingly, internal university procedures for program and system accreditation can be mapped transparently. Qurricula offers:

  • Study program files, data reports and digital generation and management of expert reports.
  • Clear presentation of dates, deadlines and procedural steps.
  • Extensive analysis options for large databases.
  • Simplified collaboration through role-based user model.

Optimize operational management processes with central data storage. Increase the effectiveness of quality management by mapping and organizing your processes with modern IT support.

An adaptable workflow management solution, designed for and with higher education institutions.

Originally developed as bespoke software to map the system-accredited quality management procedure of the University of Heidelberg, qurricula has evolved into the standard solution for all German higher education institutions. This evolution took place over several years with expert advice and contributions from over a dozen renowned universities throughout Germany, and various accreditation agencies.

Everyone in higher education can now benefit from introducing a centralized platform for the conceptual specifications and details of their study programs. Let qurricula’s program portfolios consolidate data on your study programs from a variety of sources in an easy-to-use interface, enabling you to derive insights you’d otherwise miss. Further streamline stakeholder involvement with user role management to enable role-based access to specific programs, tasks, and distribution of data.

Save time in manual program-related processes, such as accreditation reports, by allowing qurricula to take over and free up resources for your important conceptual work. Maintaining oversight of each process is easy, too, with inbuilt features for responsibilities, timelines and milestones. This means you can say goodbye to data silos trapped in varying spreadsheets and documents with a centralized system that empowers oversight and business continuity.

Have qurricula demonstrate the impact of your quality management system by being able to track qualitative and quantitative measurements in relation to efforts taken to address potential findings, which are always in accordance with your institution’s established quality criteria.

Make use of elaborate analysis features, ranging from reports over interactive dashboards, up to artificial intelligence-aided categorization of free text feedback provided by process stakeholders.

Become our partners and make your quality management and accreditation processes more efficient, and easier, than ever before.


Major features at a glance

We support you with workflow management

    Reduce potential errors and streamline workflow with a central study program file for various study program processes.


    Add a process for one study program, then use it for another through recorded process mapping and systematic knowledge management.


    Enjoy clear presentation of dates, deadlines and procedural steps for all quality management and/or accreditation participants.


    Provide access to specific departments or individuals for administration or completing individual tasks with your institution’s existing ID management system (DFN, Shibboleth, ADFS, LDAPS), and get an overview on all surveys and processes from your dashboard for easy management.


    Avoid unnecessary double ups and ensure continuity through central data storage of essential information.


    Save on time and resources with automated creation and management of evasys-based surveys.


    Save time with automated reports (PDF, Excel, Word) from various data sources with extensive evaluation options to make large data stocks effectively usable.


    Make the most of your existing data with several integration with third-party systems such as HIS, HISinOne, SuperX, and evasys for enhanced business continuity.


    Use qurricula with our secure and exclusive German-based servers with full GDPR compliance.

Technical features at a glance


In addition to seamlessly integrating with HIS, HISinOne, SuperX, and evasys, qurricula’s German-engineered API is unrivalled for adaptability. Allow our staff to custom develop integrations into your existing landscape as required.

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qurricula gives you the choice of using the platform for your entire organization, or for single departments, and provides flexible hosting options. You can choose between hosting your data in-house, or with our secure and exclusive EU-based servers with full GDPR compliance for assured security and data privacy.

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about qurricula.

Our onboarding process

Step 1


Our IT department works with you to connect all of your relevant systems to qurricula.

Step 2


qurricula gets to know all of your selected study programs to streamline your processes.

Step 3


All of your processes, including examinations and accreditations, are now streamlined and performed within qurricula.



We guide you through your quality management and accreditation processes with our consultancy services as part of qurricula so you can focus on the important conceptual work.

What users are saying

"After one year, the Heidelberg University had a version of qurricula tailored to its requirements. Now we can handle our extensive databases much more efficiently and make better use of them."

  • Dr. Sonja Kiko,
  • Managing Director heiQUALITY-Office
  • Heidelberg University

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