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For even more clarity and transparency in quality assurance: the qurricula release Q3/2021

In this article you will learn how the qurricula release Q3/2021 can be used to optimize workflows and procedures in the context of administration and quality assu of study programs.

Supporting control decisions with data and information, reflecting and further developing study quality, conducting teaching evaluations and student surveys – quality management is constantly caught between operational requirements and the development of quality culture. With qurricula, we try to make a contribution so that both are possible: ensuring process quality in daily doing and helping quality managers to be effective in quality assurance in a verifiable way. For this purpose, we regularly take a look at the current challenges in the daily routine of universities and develop good software for quality management purposes.

1. How to make survey data even more useful for quality assurance

With the quality indicator report in qurricula, the improvement of quality in higher education can be presented transparently. For this purpose, certain items that are regularly used in e.g. student surveys can be combined in qurricula to quality indicators and compiled appropriately for quality assurance processes. The qurricula module “Quality Indicator Report” gets a new user interface with the Q3 release:

  • Reports can be compiled more easily with it.
  • Individual answer options of an item can now be selected for filtering and compiled for the report.
  • Survey results can thus be filtered in a particular level of detail.

2. How to create more clarity and transparency in quality assurance workflows

Qurricula maps workflows and procedures digitally and transparently, so that the various process steps can be easily understood by all those involved.

  • For a better overview, the name of the processes that are being processed are displayed in the title of the results dialog.
  • An explanatory text can be added to each quality area to inform those involved in the quality assurance process. The explanations can be seen in all system parts in which the quality areas are used.
  • Programs of study can now be archived and hidden in the program list.

3. Now you can customize your qurricula system even more individually to your workflows

Every QM system has its own special requirements. Therefore, we configure each qurricula system individually in exchange with the project managers of the universities and adapt standard components and modules to the conditions “on site” in the process during the implementation phase. Qurricula grows with the requirements and can be flexibly individualized subsequently:

  • Process elements and dates can be highlighted if their originally suggested times have been changed.
  • The duration of the display of popup messages (notifications, error messages) can now be set.
  • The display of competences can be hidden system-wide (affects competence matrix and competence network in reports/dashboards and competences tab in program details).

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