The integration between CAMPUSonline and evasys: A high degree of automation for survey processes

Learn more about our new integration between CAMPUSonline and evasys in this article.

A few years ago, during an evasys conference, the idea of a deep integration between the Campus Management System CAMPUSonline and evasys was born. Today we proudly announce that thanks to the close cooperation with the Graz University of Technology/CAMPUSonline and the detailed and excellent advice from some universities and higher education institutions that already use CAMPUSonline, this vision has come true: The integration between CAMPUSonline and evasys offers an unprecedented level of automation for survey processes.

Structure data and surveys, including the scheduled start and end, can be fully automatically transferred from CAMPUSonline to evasys and survey results can be retrieved from CAMPUSonline. The single sign-on integration between evasys from CAMPUSonline supports the handling of evaluations and, if necessary, further surveys.

The first stage has been reached – now we are looking forward to the productive usage of the integration, already have further development ideas and will keep you informed!

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