Lift your institution’s performance by refining the quality of your examinations

evaexam fully automates online examination processes so you save time and resources, and ensure you get the data you need to create more effective exams.

More than 1,500 institutions, companies, facilities and organisations trust us

The requirements of higher education examinations are myriad, so evaexam was built to give you peerless flexibility for accessibility, layout, distribution, grading and quality control of online exams and the questions within them.

evaexam automates all phases of the online exam process, from preparation through to scoring and grading, and our integrations with your existing IT systems increase efficiency while reducing the potential for costly administrative errors.


evaexam’s online exam automation features are designed to minimize student testing errors and the time-intensive queries these can create, and capitalize on your existing data and institution structure for efficiency and optimum exam design control.

  • Create personalized online exams quickly and easily with your existing metadata.
  • Define a central exam structure, then assign sections to instructors so they can drag and drop questions from the Question Library.
  • Design exams with the powerful layout tool for a variety of formats, such as question and answer fields on the same page.
  • Get instant feedback of exam results to students for pure multiple-choice online exams, tests and quizzes.
  • Control evaexam with your existing LMS, SIS, etc. so you don’t have to login to evaexam itself.

Different institutions may be at different stages of their digital transformation process, so evaexam provides you with the flexibility of switching between distribution channels seamlessly without losing the efficiencies of centralized control.

  • Be independent of your distribution channel and switch from online to paper exams with a click.
  • Share questions with faculty and admins to collaborate in question design and quality control.
  • Avoid unnecessary marking reviews by lecturers with optionally scaled down scans of online exams included on individual student reports.
  • Provide fast and quickly feedback on paper and online exam by using automated test correction.Increase accessibility of online exams with WCAG 2.1 Level AA support.
Grafik zur effizienten Digitalisierung.

Easily understand how to improve your exams with reports, analytics, and tracking tools that do the work for you. evaexam continuously gathers relevant data about the quality of your questions so you can improve them while saving time in the process.

  • Enjoy automatically generated, meaningful reports based on entire exams, individual participants, or specific questions.
  • Get detailed analytics of your exam, including information on answer frequencies, averages, and difficulty and item discrimination indexes for each question.
  • Track the quality of your questions across multiple exams with the help of item analytics to improve the quality of your item pools.
  • Further your understanding of which questions are effective with the discrimination index based on representational question quality through correlation coefficients.

Easily identify your best exam questions to build better exam standards efficiently.

Grafik zu intelligenten Reports.

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Major features at a glance

Designed to refine your testing at every stage

    Automate all phases of examinations: administration, creation, conduction, capturing, evaluation and reporting.


    Use paper or online, with online exams displaying across all digital devices with identity-code enabled access, and still enjoy centralized data capture –even for handwritten responses with ICR scanning.


    Drag and drop functionality for formulas, text (including explanatory texts and literature references), images and graphs. Create a block once, use it again in other exams or quickly adapt it.


    Single choice, true/false, multiple choice, open questions, segmented open questions with handwriting recognition (ICR), Kprim questions, and matching questions may all be used.


    Automatic recognition and grading of responses with flexible scoring modes, and instantly generated reports on test results, with everything archived for easy retrieval.


    Provide access to select departments or lecturers to collaborate in the exam design, administration or evaluations.


    If switching from paper to online, ID verification, recording video, audio, the participant’s screen, and any web traffic on the system used, may be centrally controlled, automated, and are legally compliant with the additional Proctorio plugin.


    In addition to interfacing with most common SIS and LMS ecosystems via international standards like QTI and LTI, our API also allows us to create customised integrations as required.


    Our support does not stop after initial setup and individual training sessions. Our customers enjoy ongoing consultations with our dedicated support team, in addition to our regular webinars and experienced trainers.


    Smart calculation of question difficulty and item discrimination index for completed exams assigns values to each question, enabling you to quickly filter ineffective questions and improve the quality of your tests.


    All aspects of evaexam are designed to support you to achieve legal compliance, including user activity logging, fraud and cheater protection, and data security.


    We are ISO 27001 certified. Use evaexam for your entire organisation, or for single departments, and choose between hosting your data in-house, or with our secure and exclusive EU-based servers with full GDPR compliance.


    Online exams and tests are WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliant, providing increased convenience for people with disabilities and enabling your institution to deliver for greater diversity.


    Customize your exam’s look with your institution’s logo and branding for increased recognition.


    Take advantage of several custom-built plugins for various use cases based on customer feedback, such as post-processing of examination results to allow correction of human grading mistakes, and more.


    For those who do not want to integrate evaexam directly with their existing systems, easy import and export functions bridge the gap.


    Designed to give you direct access to evaexam data without having to worry about system internals, and transforms data into five data tables (forms, structures, result raw data, result statistics, participants).


    Integrate evaexam into your existing LMS via LTI, or use our well-documented SDK to easily create custom integrations and standalone applications with SOAP API for any systems that support web services.

Our Promise

To elevate your performance by improving your processes

Our experienced support and training team offers ongoing personalized help and guidance.


Integrations are easy with our well-documented API and custom-developed plugins.


Our software is designed to be flexible and easily adapted for each organisation’s needs.


We are ISO 27001 certified. Be confident with full GDPR compliance and servers exclusively based in the EU.

Try evaexam for yourself

Discover the power of evaexam paper examinations with a quick tour
Welcome to evaexam – our web-based platform for designing, conducting and evaluating exams.

Here, we show you how to conduct your exams or learning progress checks professionally and automatically. Now let’s take a look at the software!

View of an examiner account
  • In evaexam, examiners can manage their courses and related exams independently.
  • Each examiner has their own account – selected information can be shared with other examiners.
  • Examiner accounts are used to control the exam procedure, among other things
Creating exams with the “Prüfungswizard”
  • The drag & drop function simplifies exam creation and saves time.
  • Exams are highly customisable.
  • The layout is extremely clear, thanks to the distinction between question blocks and individual questions.
  • The intelligent question library increases the quality of your exams.
  • You have the option of collaborating and cooperating on exams.
Creating exams – stay flexible (online & paper)
  • Stay flexible – choose between online and paper exams at any time.
  • With just a few clicks, you can conduct both mass and smaller online exams.
  • Use the individually-created exam sheets as the basis for your online exam.
Choose your online exam format
  • Choose between the classic online exam, the online exercise and the online quiz.
  • Use learning checks to verify and ensure sustainable learning success.
  • Get your students used to online exam formats by using online exercises and quizzes.
Online exams
  • Use a variety of question types to test your participants’ knowledge.
  • Import participant data for your online exam quickly and easily, e.g. from your CMS/LMS.
  • Customise the design of the online exam to suit your higher education institution, university or organisation.
Unique scanning technology
  • evaexam’s intelligent scanning technology enables automated scoring and processing of your paper-based exams.
  • Open-ended questions can be scored either before scanning, on the exam sheet, or online, after scanning.
  • You can also conduct combined exams: evaexam can blend online and paper formats!
View exam results immediately
  • Exam data and participation rates can be viewed immediately.
  • Detailed reports (incl. all raw data) and clear HTML reports are directly available.
  • A simple export function is available for further data analysis.
  • Data can be exchanged directly with your CMS/LMS – exam results are published quickly!
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Onboarding is quick and easy

Step 1


Our IT department works with you to import your desired data and integrate evasys into your existing systems.

Step 2


Our training staff train you to use the software and setup your first paper examinations.

Step 3


evaexam is setup, you’re trained and ready to go, but our support does not stop.



Ongoing, personalized relationships with our attentive support team are just the start.

  • Join engaged community groups and special interest groups where you can discuss and learn.
  • Enjoy webinars that help you get the most out of our platform.

Simply put, we’re here to develop with you. Regular updates based on customer feature requests are included in your service, too.

What users are saying

"After a short period of training, evaexam can be used to create questions and exam sheets quickly and intuitively. The different question types and the automated evaluation of the exams are especially valuable for us."

  • Christine Berggold,
  • KIM IT Services
  • University of Hohenheim

"Students like having a piece of paper to write on and they also like getting marks quite quickly and we have been able to turn around test very quickly using evaexam."

  • Stephen Houston,
  • Senior Teaching Fellow
  • Heriot-Watt University

"At a time where we needed to act quickly to support our customers, Electric Paper were there supporting us every step of the way with evaexam. The entire team was responsive and gave great advice and guided us through one of the quickest system set-ups ever. Within just a week, we were running pilots with customers and receiving excellent feedback. Evaexam is easy to navigate, gives us complete autonomy and control to operate. Where we came across challenges, there was always a solution and suggestions helped us overcome them. This level of care meant we could get on with running our business and helping our own customers."

  • Lisa Williams,
  • Head of Commercial Operations
  • The Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection (BOHS)