Introducing qurricula at the ACQUIN Members meeting 2019

Our product qurricula will also be presented at the ACQUIN Member Meeting 2019.

The Introducing of qurricula

About two years ago, our subsidiary in Budapest started to focus more intensively on the topic of system and program accreditation. Together with the University of Heidelberg, it developed a software solution that has now become an independent branch solution: qurricula. This will now also be presented at the Members’ Meeting of ACQUIN, the Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute.

Member Meeting of ACQUIN 2019

ACQUIN works internationally with around 170 colleges and universities and, together with other accreditation agencies, is committed to the standardization and comparability of international educational standards. At the annual member meeting, the qurricula-expert of our subsidiary, Wolfgang A. Grabow, will now also speak as a guest for the first time. Of course, his contribution will be about the in-house software qurricula, the development of which ACQUIN has supported by participation and expert advice at one of the workshops on the product idea. Wolfgang A. Grabow is not the only one who will speak about the digitalization of teaching. Another guest speaker, who is also eagerly awaited by our subsidiary, is Professor Dr. Handke. Professor Handke is an eagerly awaited speaker due to his expertise in the topic of digitization of university teaching.

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