Use data, discover correlations,
make better decisions.

Do you need to gain insights from surveys, determine measures and review their effectiveness?

Evainsights is an interactive and intelligent solution that enables you to analyse and visualise your survey data. It helps you process and present complicated questions to meet increasing demands for data-based decision-making. With evainsights, you can determine, visualise and check the effectiveness of completed measures. Your data can be compared over time with regard to various questions in order to consider specific target groups and circumstances.

  • Simplify your everyday work and tap into previously unused data potential with comprehensive and targeted data evaluations, intuitive analyses and visualisations.

  • Our intelligent categorisation and sentiment analysis help you by partially automating the evaluation of free-text answers. This makes workflows and routine tasks more efficient.

  • Use relevant data intuitively and easily for decision-making. Interactive visualisations help you gain understandable and comprehensible insights.


Free-text answers contain valuable clues that can give you insights from survey processes. However, working with such data often involves a significant amount of manual effort.

In this regard, evainsights offers you:

  • Automatic categorisation – What are the free texts about?
  • Semantic analysis – In which contexts do topics appear in the free texts?
  • Sentiment analysis – What do the sentiment images of topics and contexts look like?



With data volumes growing constantly growing, even routine analyses often require a huge amount of manual effort. As a result, you may not discover all the relevant correlations.

In this regard, evainsights offers you:

  • Aggregation & Exploration – Combine data and view according to individual criteria.
  • Time series comparisons – View and analyse issues over time.
  • Statistics toolbox – Perform standard calculations in just a few steps.



Data-driven decision-making and efficacy analyses are playing an increasingly important role in the context of surveys. This trend towards comprehensive data use is precisely what underpins evainsights.

In this regard, evainsights offers you:

  • Flexible analysis projects – Define questions and monitor the development of your data!
  • Individual dashboards – Combine interactive widgets according to your needs and explore your data!
  • Various export formats – Export your evaluations and visualisations to use them in presentations, for example!


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All about evainsights

Active participation

We develop evainsights through constant dialogue with you!

Your requirements come first in developing all our solutions. You can actively provide important input in workshops, pilot projects, and through dialogue in our community, specify your requirements, based on which we develop our solutions. In addition, you have an opportunity to provide feedback on individual features at an early stage.

To develop evainsights, we work together with renowned partners from the education, health and corporate fields.

Research & Development Approach

Current research and development for practice

For more than seven years, the evainsights team has been conducting research in the field of quantitative and qualitative data analysis. It has already presented at various conferences and contributed to the state of research with publications in renowned journals.

Recent Publications:

In the future, we will continue to share our research findings with you and the community. We welcome your personal feedback at any time!

The team behind evainsights

Get to know the evainsights team!

Evainsights is developed by an interdisciplinary team from the fields of development, product management and data science. Based on experience from a multitude of development projects with public and private institutions and research contributions, the evainsights team develops scientifically sound, customised solutions for you.

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