Entwicklung von Programmierungstechnologie.

Always technically ahead!

Moving forward with passion and enthusiasm for technology, always looking for better solutions: this is what defines us and our subsidiary.

Moving forward with passion

Hardly any other industry is as fast-moving and exciting as software development. The curiosity of developers for better, more intelligent solutions is what moves companies, institutions and thus society forward.

Being technically ahead – that’s only possible if you love what you do.

This motto is also shared by our subsidiary in Budapest. They know how important it is to share a common passion. The passion to explore new technologies – together with those who make progress a reality.

That’s why our subsidiary organizes the monthly Clojure Meetup for developers in Budapest. Anyone who knows the Clojure programming language can join. The purpose of the meetups is to offer Clojure enthusiasts the framework for a casual, but all the more intellectual get together – and our subsidiary has been doing this successfully since 2015.

Diversity is essential for the daily work of our subsidiary and although Haskell plays only a minor role in their everyday life, they support the community of Haskell developers in Budapest. On a monthly basis, they make their office space available to them to exchange the latest ideas and findings in this highly interesting language.

More information about our meetups and events can be found here:

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