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Best performance of evaexam through managed hosting

Learn how perfectly tailored managed hosting can help you successfully establish and conduct online exams in the Digital Semester.

Not least due to the special and unplannable circumstances of the Corona pandemic, online exam formats at higher education institutions and universities are increasingly becoming the focus of the digital semester. Thus, offering an online-capable and GDPR-compliant examination system is an absolutely necessary tool to ensure that all examinations are conducted according to plan, even in times of the pandemic. Many of our customers also tell us about special organizational, technical and IT system challenges in implementing these online exams.

Example of technical challenges

From time to time it happens that the examination system reacts unexpectedly – and always at the most inopportune moment! For example, students are unable to submit their answers in time. Or the examination system is simply overwhelmed, even if only temporarily, to the point that it becomes unusable due to delays. Of course, these or similar situations are a special, mostly avoidable burden both for the exam and for all those involved, such as students and lecturers, which in turn decisively determines the success of the online exam formats at your organization.

So it is understandable if some responsible persons doubtfully wave off the widespread use of online examinations.

Why is that?

Hosting an online exam cannot be compared to hosting a “normal” IT infrastructure. While the load for a host system in an office environment is evenly distributed throughout the day, online exams are naturally characterized by an enormous number of simultaneous accesses. Especially at the beginning and at the end of the exam. These are also the most critical moments of an exam.

For many years, we have hosted evaexam for our customers in an environment specifically designed for these requirements. We have succeeded in ensuring the optimal balance between security and compliance requirements while meeting the highest performance. Successful exams with more than a thousand (>1,000!) examinees and even parallel exams take place on our servers on a regular basis. As a result, we have already been able to support many well-known universities in the digital semester and accompany them in the successful establishment and conduction of online exams.

If you have any further questions about managed hosting, please feel free to contact us.

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