Geschäftsfrau im Gespräch mit Kollegen

Congress of the DeGEval Work group Healthcare

In order to always be able meet the changing challenges in the healthcare sector, participation in working groups for the further development of our products is essential.

DeGEval Work group Healthcare

As an association of individuals and institutions, the German Society for Evaluation pursues the goal of professionalizing evaluations, bringing together different perspectives on evaluation, and promoting the general exchange of information about evaluations.

Health as a topic of increasing importance in the health care system in terms of prevention and health promotion can be captured by evaluating health-related interventions. The challenge is that evaluations in the health care system are methodologically demanding, as reproducibility and the separation of control and intervention groups are severely limited.

New challenges in quality management

There are two areas in which our subsidiary in Budapest is mainly active: higher education and healthcare. However, besides a professional necessity, it is mainly the passion for the own product why qurricula expert Wolfgang A. Grabow attended the spring meeting of the Working Group on Health Care of the German Society for Evaluation (DeGEval).

It is our intention to adapt the two industry solutions qurricula and quratio to the most current and urgent requirements of these industries. In order to be always up to date, the participation in conferences like the one of the working group is indispensable, because only this way quratio, the software solution for quality management in healthcare, can meet the challenges in quality management.

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