Gruppe Leute im Büro am Computer.

The ZuriHAC 2018

Our subsidiary from Budapest also participated in ZuriHAC 2018. Read here which exciting keynotes were held.

The ZuriHAC

The ZuriHAC Haskell Hackathon is the world’s largest Haskell Hackathon with 400 participants. As an international, grassroots and collaborative coding festival, ZuriHAC aims to expand its community and build and optimize Haskell libraries, tools and infrastructure.

The three-day hackathon provides space and opportunity for networking among participants and exciting events.

Participation in ZuriHAC 2018

From 2018-06-08 to 2018-06-10, our subsidiary from Budapest participated in ZuriHac2018 Haskell Hackathon in Rapperswill (near Zurich).

Exciting speakers convinced with exciting topics like refinement types for Haskell and building compilers with llvm-hs. Edward Kmett gave a talk on new considerations of combinators. Fast and parallel state machines were also topics of the hackathon.

Learn more about the exact schedule here.

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