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London Metropolitan University

Learn how other organizations have achieved their goals with evasys and evaexam.

About the London Metropolitan University´

The London Metropolitan University is a university in London in the United Kingdom. The university with its two locations in the city of London an in the borough Islington, has exists in its current form since 2002, after the London Guildhall University (grounded 1848) and the University of North London (grounded 1896) have merged. The London MET is an educational institution for more than 10.000 students and 400 employees. Especially important fort he university is ist socially diverse community with students from over 140 nations in their six faculties.

The London Met was looking for a more efficient, accurate, and evidence-based approach that would allow them to better capture student insights and increase engagement in the same wake. To achieve this goal, the London Met chose evasys+.

Before the efficient use of evasys+

With the implementation of evasys+, the London Met pursues the goal of generating data-driven insights to use as evidence of student engagement impact. In comparison with other plattforms, evasys+ convinced with the easy configuration and setup.


„If we spent the money on EvaSys, we could free up staff time to do other things as well as give staff ownership of their data and improve transparency and accountability, better demonstrate the impact we have on the student experience, and, in turn, improve the student experience through improved use of technology solutions."

Survey automation with evasys+

As London Met has not fully exploited some of the software’s potential, additional components have recently been licensed on a pilot basis to allow the university to become familiar with the full range of evasys+ functionality. Evasys+ is used to provide students the online surveys on accessible media and generate insights, which better correspond to the need oft he London MET.

Students can access surveys in both the institutional learning management system, Blackboard, and the student portal, myday. The unlimited using license enables to assign modules directly to all instructors, which leads to a cleaner data reporting line and operational deployment.

With the help of evasys+, surveys can conducted significantly faster and with a higher efficiency. A marked increase in the response rate as well as the opportunity of the module leaders to manage their survey activities independently and therefore to receive reports much more faster, created a new trust and high acceptance of the solution. Moreover, the workload of the employees got reduced because of the automation of e-mails and reports.

Now that the Academic Quality and Development team of the London MET has the needed features of the evasys+ package, the university plans to embed the system firmly into institutional processes, gain broader adoption by staff, and encourage more teams to use it.