Conduct multiple-choice tests safely & efficiently

The multiple-choice test is ideally suited to test specialized knowledge and the level of knowledge in a targeted manner. With evaexam you can create multiple-choice tests with minimal time expenditure and evaluate them automatically.

The multiple-choice test: possible applications and use

Multiple-choice tests or MC tests are a very popular type of test in universities, as an accompanying learning control in studies or in school, as well as increasingly used in companies for application procedures. The multiple-choice test is a tried-and-tested method of testing specialist knowledge and the level of knowledge in a targeted manner. Especially for those responsible for examinations, there are numerous advantages in using evaexam, because multiple-choice questions can be created automatically with evaexam and evaluated with a minimum of time. With these tips you will achieve even better results.

The advantages of multiple-choice tests at a glance

  • Multiple-choice tests are fairer because they are much more accurate, with no room for ambiguous interpretation.
  • Multiple-choice questions simplify scoring.
  • Existing multiple-choice tests can be varied easily and quickly.

Pure guessing practically impossible

However, multiple-choice tests are sometimes criticized. And unjustifiably so, because the simple guessing of an answer option can be almost completely ruled out.

Here is our example:

Five questions with five different answers are given. If all tasks were created with appropriate care and therefore no direct conclusions about the solution are possible, there is a probability of only 0.032% that a participant guesses all answers. If even several answers are possible, a correct result by pure guessing is practically impossible. The condition, however, is that the question requires a corresponding, one-time effort, which can sometimes even exceed the effort required for tasks with free answers.

Tips for your multiple choice test with evaexam

Specific points should be considered when formulating the questions:

  • Clear and unambiguously formulated tasks,
  • Unambiguous answers,
  • Not using ambiguous vocabulary,
  • Placing distractors (wrong solutions).

Regardless of whether the multiple-choice test is administered as an online exam or on paper, the creation of a comprehensive pool of questions is at the beginning of the exam. With evaexam, these questions can be shuffled according to a random algorithm and recompiled for each test, thus counteracting the danger of schematized solutions or manipulation. False solutions, the so-called distractors, should be placed in such a way that obvious alternatives build on each other, resulting in an apparent credibility.

It is advantageous if the base of tasks and answers is permanently expanded over time. This increases the foundation of the exam and, with an appropriate inventory, it is also possible to use individual questions or entire subareas across different courses or units without the need for additional preparation. Due to its functionality, evaexam offers the optimal tool to be able to create diverse and different exams within a very short time.

Multiple-choice questions have great advantages when it comes to correction. In the case of an online test, this can even be done in real time, so that the participants are presented with their results immediately after completing the test. A paper-based test also allows for simplified correction thanks to the automatic capture of the sheets by scanner. Examination sheets can be verified and evaluated on the screen in the event of unclear crossings.

Learn more about multiple-choice tests with evaexam or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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