Eine Gruppe Menschen in einem Raum

Guest at the SEVAL in Bern

The Swiss Evaluation Society is increasingly committed to the development of competencies for the purpose of good evaluation.


The Swiss Evaluation Society promotes the exchange of experience and information between universities and consulting as well as politics and administration in the field of evaluation. The aim is to optimize the quality of evaluations and their dissemination.

Its more than 500 members come from different areas of higher education, private sector institutions and political administrative units and are committed to establishing competences for good evaluations.

For this purpose, the SEVAL organizes activities such as annual congresses, theme-specific events as well as working groups.

Guest at the SEVAL in Bern

Accuracy is essential in evaluation. It therefore goes without saying that in Switzerland evaluations are carried out with the precision of a clockwork.

In 2019, our subsidiary in Budapest had its first opportunity to participate in a conference on the topic of evaluation culture in education. The questions of whether and which evaluation culture has been established in the course of evaluations, which differences are evident with regard to educational level and language region, and how the evaluation culture in education compares to other policy areas were discussed during the two-day meeting in Bern.

The evasys GmbH is now also a proud member of SEVAL.

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