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How to help your students prepare for their online exams

Learn how to optimally prepare your students for upcoming online examinations in evaexam in this practice example from Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

How to help your students prepare for their online exams

Those who go into the examination well prepared will be able to concentrate more relaxed on the essential contents of the examination. This includes not only preparing the content, but also familiarizing yourself with the (technical) implementation of the examination. In this article, we would like to present an exciting practical example from Fulda University of Applied Sciences and show how students at Fulda University are prepared for upcoming online exams in evaexam.

In the digital semester, a large part of the examinations are conducted online. For many students, the process and the tool used to conduct online examinations are still new. It is often the technical requirements that cause uncertainty. To overcome these difficulties, a trial run in the form of an online test is a good idea. This clarifies the technical requirements and creates a feeling of security. This will then also ensure smooth participation in the actual online examination.

This type of exam preparation is already being conducted at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. Before the official online examination, students receive an e-mail with a link to take an online test in evaexam. This test contains the most frequently asked questions about the procedure and handling of the online examination in evaexam. For example, students are asked which controls should not be used during the online examination or how to correctly finish the examination in evaexam. In this way, students not only directly internalize the hints and tips on how to use evaexam, but also simulate the exam situation, since the procedure of the online test does not differ significantly from a official online exam. Thus, the students are technically optimally prepared.

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