Learn more about student learning achievement

Providing students with feedback on their learning achievements and checking the effectiveness of their own teaching-learning arrangements: Learning assessments offer considerable benefits for both students and instructors and can be conducted quickly and easily with the right tool.

From the verbal knowledge test to the online exercise

Learning assessments can be executed in various formats: as a verbal knowledge test or an online exercise. The students can better assess their current level of knowledge of the subject matter through the exam simulation and thus know in which thematic areas they still need to do some catching up. They can use this knowledge to optimize their preparation for the upcoming exam.

For instructors, learning assessments are an useful tool to find out whether their teaching formats may need to be adapted or improved. The results provide answers to the question about where their students have content problems and what contexts were not understood. Instructors can identify weak points of students reliably and quickly throughtout a semester or course series and repeat specific content or adapt the way of instructional mediation.

Online-learning assessments with evaexam

Online-learning assessments can be created quickly and without any problems with our exam software evaexam. Through the use of the question library in evaexam, you save valuable time, collect and use historical knowledge about previous questions, and thereby achieve more meaningful results about the knowledge level of your students. The students receive access to the online learning assessment via TAN codes or by mail.

In the form of online tests or quizzes, students’ knowledge can thus be queried at any time in a privacy-compliant manner and even partly anonymously. By the function of the temporal limitation, the exam situation is simulated realistically and can be experienced by the examinees even before the sharp examination.

The opportunity of additing note texts and references by the questions, enables an optimized assistance for exam preparation. By the only use of closed questions participants also receive their results immediately after completing the online learning assessments.

Give your students and instructors the opportunity for optimal exam preparation and quality assurance of the teaching formats.

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