Possibilities of the LTI® interface in evasys

For a successful evaluation, it’s important to keep barriers that lower participation to a minimum. Today's educational institutions use a wide variety of IT systems, so it’s not always possible for students and teachers to access all relevant applications via a common user interface.

This creates a barrier to participation if users need to change platforms for a survey and to enter a password manually. The LTI® interface for evasys provides a solution to this issue and a standard for integrating learning applications into learning platforms.

Advantages of the LTI® interface

Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) is a universal standard developed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium for the integration of data management systems such as evasys with learning management systems. Since learning management systems (LMS) are generally preferred as data leading systems for communication with students, the LTI® interface enables the integration of evasys into leading LMS’ and thus closes the gap between the systems. Students can then easily access surveys via the LMS user interface.

Using the LTI® interface evasys allows seamless integration into all learning management systems that support the IMS LTI® standard. These include Moodle, Blackboard, Brightspace® by D2L and Canvas. After activation and configuration of the LTI® interface, evasys can display various data on ongoing surveys for both students (participation) and teachers (for tracking response rates / access to results). The presentation of the survey is completely customizable in content and design, too. This means students can, for example, see the results of surveys as they are undertaken (if the administrator desires this) so they can feel a valued part of the survey process –which further increases participation.

There are many advantages of integrating evasys into your learning management system:

  • Publication of the surveys in a prominent place
  • Display of open surveys that have not yet been participated in
  • Higher response rates through better visibility and accessibility of online surveys
  • No additional hurdles through manual password entry (single sign-on)
  • No problems with outdated or unused email accounts
  • Secure communication between systems through encrypted connection (HTTPS)

With the LTI interface,you have a painless solution to connect an LMS to your evasys system, and make sure your survey and relevant information is visible to students and teachers without them having to leave their usual platform. Not only is this convenient, it increases survey participation!

Any questions? We are here to help.

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