Visualisierung Hotspotfrage.

New in version 8.2: The hotspot question in evaexam

Learn here how you can creatively test participants' knowledge in online exams using this visual way of asking questions.

As of version 8.2, evaexam offers the hotspot question format. The hotspot question is a visual type of question that is linked to a graphic on which, matching the exam question, certain areas can be marked. In this way, you can find out whether, for example, objects can be correctly recognized and assigned. It is very easy to create a hotspot question: You upload an image/graphic and determine the areas that match the question. Due to the visuality of the hotspot question, other areas of the brain are addressed than, for example, with a multiple-choice question. In this way, knowledge can be tested in a more differentiated and varied way.

When it comes to designing reliable exams in general, the focus is on content design in addition to technical realization and organizational implementation. These three aspects are particularly challenging when it comes to implementing an online exam in order to produce the corresponding exam quality.

When creating exam tasks, the learning objective taxonomy provides orientation. Thus, an exam can map the entire range between the recall of declarative knowledge, the linking of information and the application of knowledge to new situations or refer to one of these learning levels. In addition to the task content, the presentation of tasks also plays a role in the quality of the test.

In this context, the hotspot question lends itself particularly well, as this question type is suitable for all areas of learning objective taxonomy:

  • For testing declarative knowledge, for example in medicine with the question: Please mark bones XY in the graphic.
  • For linking knowledge, for example with the question: Please identify typical features of the epoch XY in the depicted painting.
  • For the analysis of specific content, for example with the question: Please mark and assess possible potential dangers that may arise here based on the given chemical chain reaction.

The hotspot question opens up new ways for instructors to design exams because more challenging exam formats can be created.

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