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Successful use of managed hosting at SRH Higher Education

Read here how SRH Higher Education benefits from the smooth running of the evasys system through Managed Hosting and where they consider the greatest advantage.
In this interview, Mr. Knöpfel from SRH Higher Education and long-time evasys customer, tells us about his experiences with our managed hosting.

Mr. Knöpfel, why did SRH Higher Education choose managed hosting?

We like to benefit from the latest software versions and updates when using and administering our evasys system. This is precisely where managed hosting comes in, offering us the peace of mind that we don’t have to worry about system updates and security for our evasys system by ourselves. Experience has shown that the software vendor is also much more efficient in operating the technical infrastructure for evasys and is always independent of our internal resources. Therefore, when it comes to the maintenance and technical support of our evasys system, we are happy to rely on the expertise and experience of our many other hosting customers and thus ensure our system availability through the evasys support & service team.

Can you tell us about your experience with managed hosting, Mr. Knöpfel?

With the managed hosting of our evasys system, smooth operations at the SRH universities are guaranteed. Both the security management benefits, e.g. regular back-ups, penetration checks, and security updates, as well as the system availability and performance convince me and my colleagues at the SRH. The support provided by the evasys support and service team is, as usual, friendly, competent, and reliable, so that the decision to opt for managed hosting has proven to be absolutely right.

Mr. Knöpfel, what do you think is the biggest advantage of our managed hosting?

The reliability and competence of the evasys team has been the basis of our decision. With reduced internal communication and coordination efforts, we can ensure the smooth operation of evasys and count on the experience and immediate support of the evasys team in case of questions and challenges. Complex arrangements between internal and external technical contact persons are reduced to a minimum by the managed hosting and the efficient operation of the evasys system by evasys GmbH is guaranteed. In addition, the IT infrastructure provided by the evasys team complies with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO), using a German ISO-certified data center, and thus meets our high requirements for data protection and information security.

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