The new exam dashboard – Live tracking and monitoring of exams

The new exam dashboard is available! With the exam dashboard, you can track examination activities and the status of individual examinees live. Further functions and added values of the dashboard are presented in this article.

Many of the lecturers at universities and companies had to change their examination forms and methods in the last months due to the Corona contact restrictions. Since traditional face-to-face exams in large groups were no longer possible, other ways of collecting exam results had to be found. Our software evaexam played a central role in many instances, as it offers an uncomplicated way to conduct online exams.

While you as an examiner had to go through a process of formal and methodological redesign to adapt to the new situation, also we as a software provider have been confronted with a number of challenges which had to be addressed in the last months. However, these challenges have lead to important learnings and have ultimately contributed to the improvement of our software. One immediate result is our new exam dashboard, which we developed at full speed and made available to you already in May.

Why did we decide to develop an exam dashboard?

On the one hand, it was our concern to offer examiners more transparency and thus also security in the conduction of their exams. The dashboard answers questions such as: Which participants have already finished, which are still in the exam? Did everyone actually start the exam? Are there any problems or is everything going smoothly right now?

On the other hand, we wanted to make it easier for participants to re-enter the exams: It has happened from time to time that a browser window was accidentally closed, the page was reloaded, or the computer crashed. Now the PSWD can be released quickly and easily and access can be restored.

What features does the new dashboard offer?

The dashboard provides all the information and functions you need in a clear interface. In short, it contains the following features:

  • Tabular overview of all exam participants, including information on the PSWD, the start of the exam, the time of the last cache, the submission time, etc.
  • Exam status per participant (green = currently online and active in the exam, gray = not active yet, yellow = status unclear, red = data available but not sent, tick = successfully participated).
  • Lock/open PSWDs: Lock PSWDs of logged out participants before the exam starts, unlock PSWDs that were accidentally used during the exam, etc.
  • Restore data from temporary storage: In the case that individual participants were not able to submit their data independently.
  • Download log: Export overview of participants’ status and time data as a CSV file.

Where do I find additional information?

You will find detailed information on the usage of the exam dashboard in your evaexam online help which can be opened directly in your examiner account. Just click the question mark icon and browse for “dashboard”.

We wish you success with your exams! And we hope that our new dashboard will support you as best as possible!

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