A short preview of the new features of evaexam version 8.2

We would like to provide you with a brief preview of some features of evaexam version 8.2. The release is expected in fall 2021. Expect many new features and improvements which will simplify the conduct of your exams with evaexam.

A short preview of the new features of evaexam version 8.2

Disclaimer: All features presented below may be subject to change at any time prior to the release.

Hotspot question

The answer to this question type is given by placing one or more marks on a picture of your choice. This way, students can be asked to identify one or more specific bones on a picture of a skeleton, or to locate a city or region on a map.

With this new question type, examiners can take a new approach to exam design, as the hotspot question allows for new and challenging tasks.

Embedding of audio and video elements

In online exams, audio and video elements can be integrated fast and simple directly in the VividForms Editor from version 8.2 onwards. Both the video and audio files are played directly in the online exam using a player, so participants do not have to exit the browser window. When integrating the elements, additional descriptive texts and subtitles can be added.

By using audio elements, for example, listening comprehension can be evaluated. Furthermore, various questions can be asked about an integrated video. This allows new and challenging tasks.

Start page for participants

Before starting an online exam or practice, students are first taken to a start page via their exam link, from which they can start the exam. If the start of the exam is defined in the scheduled tasks, a timer indicates the remaining time until the start of the exam.

As part of the online template, the starting page can be configured individually by administrators and examiners and can be expanded with your own information text and other elements such as confirmation fields.

Up to three confirmation fields may be defined individually. These first have to be selected by the participants before the exam can be started. In this way, for example, the participants’ eligibility for the exam can be verified or information on data privacy can be confirmed.

Furthermore, students will be given the opportunity to sign off before the exam starts via a link on the start page.

Design template for online exams

From version 8.2, the new design template can be used for all online exams in evaexam. The new design template is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant and is available to examiners as a standard template.

The online editing view in the VividForms editor displays the layout of the design template by default.

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