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About German Police University

The German Police University (DHPol) was established in 2006 and is supported by the interior ministries and senators of state and federal governments. DHPol was accredited in 2013 and has been included in the Higher Education Act of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia since 2016.

Surveys Before evasys

Prior to the introduction of evasys, isolated surveys and the corresponding additional burdens on departmental resources were commonplace. Surveys were carried out manually for individual specialist areas, often using tally sheets, and then evaluated in Microsoft Excel.

The procedure was decentralized and not coordinated among those carrying out the surveys. This meant a lack of comparability between surveys and a lack of methodological quality criteria. The result was low data quality and a general absence of actionable insights for surveyed study areas.

Surveys with evasys

Only by using evasys was it possible to implement standardized surveys throughout the university, and to sustainably implement requirements for quality assurance measures in the decentralized part of their master’s program. The goal of establishing a central evaluation system, which enables a standardized evaluation of the core processes of the university and meets the sensitive requirements of data protection, was successfully achieved.


"We are very satisfied with evasys. It is particularly pleasing that the software has made it possible to abolish the isolated solutions of evaluation and to establish a central administration of the survey situation based on actual comparability of the data."

– Patrick Sturtz-Klose, Staff Unit II University and Quality Development, German Police University (DHPol)

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