Dialogue Evaluation: Established Practice in the U.K.

The majority of universities using evasys in the U.K. have been successfully using our evasys+ add-on for years for a comprehensive dialog evaluation. In cooperation with our British colleagues, we would like to present to you here how the motivation of students to participate in surveys has changed through the introduction of dialog evaluation and what effects can be achieved with it.

Reasons for dialogue evaluation at universities in the U.K.

On the one hand, all universities in Great Britain have extensive reporting obligations to the government’s Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) with regard to the evaluation of student surveys. Among other things, great importance is attached to a high survey response rate. On the other hand, great importance is attached to student satisfaction with the educational offerings, which is why the intrinsic motivation to participate in surveys is promoted with the dialog evaluation in order to make the student voice heard. Furthermore, digital formats have played a central role in teaching evaluation for some time now.

Universities are also in competition with each other for students and instructors. Therefore, they strive to communicate the quality of their teaching offerings in an evidence-based manner.


Effects of Dialogue Evaluation at British Universities

After the survey, the students receive feedback from the instructor regarding the survey results. This often includes reflections by the instructor on how the course can be improved in the future based on the students’ responses. This ensures a high level of motivation among students to provide qualified feedback in surveys and counteracts so-called survey fatigue.

At UK universities, student surveys are conducted almost exclusively with the help of our evasys+ add-on, which allows universities to achieve a significant increase in response rates and, just as importantly, an increase in response quality.

Especially now in the digital semesters, it has proven its worth to actively support the close connection and communication between students and teachers using evasys+. Combined with quick pulse surveys (read our blog post here), positive effects on overall student satisfaction are already evident.

To learn more about how you can use evasys+ to motivate students to participate in surveys, feel free to contact us.

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