More feedback and interaction for your course & seminar evaluation

Improve your quality management and give instructors a practical and uncomplicated tool with evasys+, which they can use to organize their own surveys, reflect on the results and prepare them in a way that is suitable for the target group. Bring participants, instructors and those responsible into conversation with one another and thus make a contribution to increasing the quality of the courses offered.

More than 1500 institutions, companies, facilities and organisations trust us.

Evasys+ is the ideal add-on to our survey software evasys, which optimally integrates and supports instructors in the survey process. With evasys+ you close the feedback loop:

  • Participants learn from lecturers what happens with their course feedback and thus actively shape important quality development processes.
  • Instructor receive feedback from participants and use the insights gained for the further development of their teaching formats.
  • Responsible stakeholders can gain insight into processed and commented survey results.

With evasys+ you optimize your central survey processes and let instructors and students actively participate in quality development.

Increase the acceptance of evaluations & surveys

  • Icon Closing-the-loop.

    Involvement of the various groups of people in the sense of a closing-the-loop approach.

  • Icon Lehrende.

    Encourage dialogue among instructors, students and those responsible.

  • Icon Report.

    Additional analysis options for your evasys data (Word report, student reports, response analyses, etc.).

Increase engagement,
actively involve instructors

  • Encourage active engagement with evaluation results.
  • Organize individual survey projects easily and flexibly.
  • Reflect on evaluation results and prepare them in a way that is appropriate for the target group.

Motivate students,
increase feedback quality

  • Direct participation in the quality development process.
  • Innovative support for the feedback culture.
  • Prevent evaluation fatigue.
  • Increase motivation to participate in future surveys.

Evasys+ consists of a instructor portal and a admin portal

Instructor portal

With the instructor portal, instructors can enter into a direct dialog with their students and share the results of their reflections with them (“Closing-the-Loop”).

The most important functions of the instructor portal at a glance:

  • Automatically send individual student reports,
  • View response rates in real time,
  • Overview of own surveys of current and past semesters,
  • Survey control (open and close surveys, download QR codes, send invitation emails, etc.),
  • Commenting and communicating results towards different groups of people.
Admin portal

The admin portal provides users at the faculty and deanery level with an essential overview of organization-wide evaluation processes. Cross-divisional analyses as well as surveys and workflows can be controlled from there at administration or subunit administration level.

The most important functions of the admin portal at a glance:

  • Retrieve reports and linguistically edited raw data,
  • Qualitative analyses (automatic analysis of respondents’ open comments, forming word clouds, etc.)
  • Linguistic editing options (e.g. unwanted language or words)
  • Bulk opening and closing of surveys,
  • Automatic sending of result reports to lecturers,
  • Overview of surveys of current and past semesters,
  • Access to data from instructor reflections.

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about evasys+.

Onboarding is quick and easy

Step 1


As a native cloud-based add-on from evasys, data access is given immediately and in real time right after the implementation.

Step 2


A short briefing from our experts is enough to familiarize you with the intuitive platform.

Step 3


evasys+ is set up, you are trained and ready to go – now your interactive feedback processes can be controlled centrally and easily.

Highest safety standard at all times


We offer our evasys+ as a professionally hosted solution with the highest international security standards.

  • Communication is SSL-encrypted throughout.
  • GDPR-compliant data processing is guaranteed.

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