A software with experience: evasys+ – short introduction

Make your quality management effective by reflecting on the results of the surveys and preparing them in a way that is appropriate for the target group

evasys+ – What is it?

Evasys+ is an add-on component of our survey software evasys and can be linked to all user information, survey data and results contained in evasys – without any complicated setup. Immediately after successful implementation, real-time data access is also available. Evasys+ is a cloud-based platform that was developed in collaboration with renowned British universities. It is already in productive use there and has been successfully tested for a long time.

What can evasys+ do?

With the help of evasys+, instructors and students can be more involved in survey and quality development processes. Instructors have the opportunity to enter into dialog with students and provide feedback on the survey results.

The closing-the-loop approach reflected in this closes the quality loop, because survey results do not go unnoticed. Instructors have the opportunity to comment on evaluation results, to report them back to students and thus to include them in the reflection process. Instructors are given a tool to support their engagement.

Our add-on product offers extensive evaluation options. Meaningful and comprehensible reports for students, response analyses based on evasys data, and configurable Word reports help to ensure that the evaluation results have a lasting effect. Because comprehensibility of the results is of great value, as it contributes significantly to the acceptance of the evaluation instrument.

How time-consuming is the training process?

Here comes the good news: No extensive training is required, because the platform is intuitive to use. With evasys+, professional hosting with the highest international security standards is offered.

How is evasys+ structured?

Evasys+ consists of two components: the instructor portal for instructors and the admin portal for (subunit) administrators.

The instructor portal

The survey portal enables instructors to keep track of their own surveys from any semester. If desired, instructors can also take over survey control and become even more actively involved in the process. This includes the ability to open and close surveys as well as downloading and sending QR codes, etc. Results can be commented on and communicated to different groups of people.

The admin portal

The admin portal is addressed to administrators and contains supporting functions for the organization as well as for the execution of surveys. These functions are expressed in an overview of all releasing areas, as well as the possibility of mass retrieval and dispatch of survey media. In addition, administrators have access to reports and data from the instructors’ reflections.

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