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Our used technology behind evasys+ and qurricula

For the development of our software solutions we use functional programming. Here you can find out which technologies we use to continuously develop our products qurricula and evasys+.

The technology behind qurricula and evasys+

Since the establishment of our subsidiary in Budapest, we have consciously developed our branch solutions on the basis of functional programming. Every day we use Clojure and ClojureScript for this purpose, enjoying the advantages of already established platforms: the JVM and modern web browsers.

Using the functional aspects of Clojure and relying on the extensive ecosystem of Java and JavaScript libraries, we also extensively lean on the expressive power of this Lisp dialect.

In addition to our intense use of open source software, we are also continuously developing our own tools and libraries for those branches in which we operate. We are relentlessly improving our tooling and developer processes. This allows us to focus on our main goal of the highest possible efficiency in creating sustainable software solutions of good quality. As we are always facing complicated challenges with a small team, high productivity is a necessity for us. We are convinced that the use of the best available technology plays a major and not to be underestimated role in this.

Mutual help is important to us, we like to share our experiences and learn from other Clojure users as well. That’s why our subsidiary in Budapest organizes a Clojure Meetup at the end of each month.

Some examples of excellent software projects that we rely on every day:

• GNU/Linux / FreeBSD
• PostgreSQL
• Emacs (CIDER, Magit, Paredit, etc.)
• Reagent (React interface)
• Google Closure Library
• Figwheel
• core.async
• Nginx
• Apache PDFBox / POI / HttpClient / Tomcat
• docx4j
• Jenkins

Our solutions are applied in a variety of system environments, but many of our projects are running on Amazon Web Services, taking advantage of EBS, RDS and many other services.

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