Now: new evasys and evaexam version 8.2 are available!

With version 8.2, evasys and evaexam have been enhanced with several new features to offer you the greatest possible flexibility and even more possibilities - whether online or on-site. From now on you can find the new software versions 8.2 in the Online Support System (OSS) as a ZIP file for installation.

The new evasys functions at a glance:

  • Engaging with the data is the first step towards greater identification with the results for all those involved in the evaluation. The extension of the existing HTML report with improved filtering in dashboard style for interactive comparison of partial evaluations helps with this. It enables a quick and easy analysis of the results and encourages a more in-depth examination of the data.
  • In order to achieve good response rates, it is important to present survey participants with only those answers that are tailored to the question situation. This is where the extended and improved filter guidance comes in, which now also allows individual answer options to be hidden if they do not offer any added value for the question. In this way, participants can be guided through surveys in an even more individual and tailored manner, which creates greater acceptance for the survey as a whole and leads to more valid results.
  • New in version 8.2 is the question-answer piping. Now it is possible to reuse texts of answers selected or entered by survey participants in subsequent question texts. This also increases the identification as well as the understanding of the respondents with the questionnaire, which can also contribute to lower survey dropout rates.

The new evaexam functions at a glance:

  • Creative and interactive: the new hotspot question opens up new ways for instructors to design exams in online exams because more challenging exam formats can be created. Participants are presented with an image on which they select the area or areas that match a question. Due to the visuality of this type of question, other areas in the brain are addressed than, for example, with a multiple-choice question. In this way, knowledge can be tested in a more differentiated and varied way.
  • The new start page for online exams creates security and trust for examinees as a new anchor point. Information that is relevant to the exam can be stored, the remaining time until the start of the exam can be displayed, or confirmation fields with consent queries can be requested. Instructors can prepare for the exam at their leisure and send accesses to examinees several days in advance. Students receive more transparent and better feedback when they open the exam link. By displaying the start page, participants receive the additional confirmation and thus security that the technical requirements for starting the exam have been met.
  • With version 8.2 a new design template is available, which makes the online exams appear in a modern and fresh design. It can be individually adapted to your own corporate design and makes participation more comfortable and pleasant for examinees. The design template is also accessible according to WCAG 2.1 Level AA.
  • For online exams, audio and video elements can now also be quickly and easily integrated directly into the exam sheet via an external hyperlink. This allows completely new task formats to be defined, for example, listening comprehension can be tested with the help of audio files as part of language tests, or various questions can be asked about an embedded video.


Did you know that with the help of our managed hosting service, your software is always up to date? Patches, service packs, updates and upgrades are applied immediately, so you benefit directly from the innovations and also relieve your IT administration. By the way: We will waive the setup fee for a Managed Hosting order until the end of 2021.

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