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How surveys can contribute to successful change management!

Change processes only can be precised and controlled by obtaining an accurate picture of the situation and the mood. Therefore the active participation of employees and their feedback is essential. In addition, heeding employee feedback and taking it into account in the further process increases acceptance of and identification with changes.

Changemanagement – need for change?

Due to rapidly changing markets and requirements, change management is no longer optional but rather a must. There is a distinct need to adapt to changing circumstances, whether these changes take place internally or externally. As a result of the ongoing corona situation, change in HR is manifesting itself in changing working time models. The workplace has increasingly been shifted to the home office, which not only transformed work dynamics, but also raised questions about social and spatial distance. HR employees are increasingly confronted with issues of internal health care, as well as psychological, mental, physical and cognitive, and organizational health. But external changes such as changing market requirements and competition also make change management processes necessary.

In order to be able to face new challenges, processes must be constantly optimized. The reasons that make such a change process essential are manifold. They range from the goal of cost savings to increasing customer satisfaction to new corporate strategies based on new markets, products or technologies. No matter what reason has led to a change process and what changes are planned, opportunities for discussion must always be granted and uncertainties as well as difficulties must be uncovered.

Goals of changemanagement

Regardless of the objectives that Change Management pursues, controlling the implementation in its process is of highest importance. Pursued objectives can manifest themselves, for example, in the desire for a global presence and raise the question of whether to expand. Increased customer orientation can also be the goal of a change process. The question is raised as to how the existing offering can be improved. Increasingly, agility and innovation are also playing a major role in future corporate objectives. How can existing processes be accelerated and new things created? In addition, the reduction of resource consumption is a desired result. Increasing productivity in the company can also be the task of a change process by increasing employee satisfaction and improving the quality of training formats. Change management is of great importance in this context, as every area is confronted with change processes.

Surveys as a solution approach

Employee surveys often occur in the context of change management. The reason for this is that employee surveys provide helpful insights into possible uncertainties and difficulties already before, but also during, the implementation of a change process, which offers an ideal basis for opening up a discussion space. Tapping into doubts at the employee level has the positive effect of maintaining or even increasing employee satisfaction. Change processes often fail because they are not properly implemented by employees. This can be prevented by asking about wishes and concerns in preparation for the change and thus increasing acceptance of the change.

The feedback gained can also be used to optimize further and advanced training measures. Since employees are often in close contact with customers, they have a deeper understanding of the market and the competition. Their knowledge can therefore be the impetus for which changes should be addressed. Surveys thus contribute to an agile corporate culture, which is an important success factor. To achieve this, however, employees must be involved at an early stage in order to win them over as active contributors rather than passive participants. One possible means of achieving this is pulse surveys, which can be used to quickly and effectively ascertain the prevailing mood. The realization of survey projects provides you with important insights which you can use to make well-founded decisions in order to optimize your change processes. Our survey software evasys supports you in automatically designing, conducting and evaluating survey projects. In addition, our add-on evasys+ offers the possibility to communicate feedback on the survey results to the various stakeholder groups and thus promotes active dialog with your employees.

Would you like to learn more about possible survey solutions to make your processes effective?

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