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  • ISO certification – focus on quality, security and innovation

    We recently received the coveted ISO 27001 certification - a real breakthrough in our journey towards service excellence and innovative solutions. This certification not only marks a milestone for our…

  • The integration between CAMPUSonline and evasys: A high degree of automation for survey processes

    Learn more about our new integration between CAMPUSonline and evasys in this article.

  • Jetzt evasys evaexam 8.2
    Now: new evasys and evaexam version 8.2 are available!

    Engaging with the data is the first step towards greater identification with the results for all those involved in the evaluation. The extension of the existing HTML report with improved…

  • Sneak Preview evasys
    After the release is before the release – Sneak Preview evasys V9.0

    Brighter, cleaner, more modern, and easier to use: Find out in this sneak preview what you can look forward to in evasys version 9.0.

  • Gruppe Menschen in einem kreativem Prozess.
    How surveys can contribute to successful change management!

    Due to rapidly changing markets and requirements, change management is no longer optional but rather a must. There is a distinct need to adapt to changing circumstances, whether these changes…

  • Version 8.2 der Befragungssoftware evasys.
    A short insight into some new features of evasys version 8.2

    We would like to give you a short preview of some new features of evasys version 8.2, which we expect to release in the last quarter of this year.

  • Drei sich unterhaltende Menschen.
    Ever worked with the Net Promoter Score?

    The net promoter score refers to the experience of customers and students. The focus is on the question, whether one would recommend a company, a product, etc. to friends or…

  • Studierende nehmen an einer Onlineumfrage teil.
    Why pulse surveys are such an important thing

    Especially nowadays there is much food for thought about student engagement and student well-being. The reason for this is the current Corona-situation. University life is upside down - everything happens…

  • Studierende Umfrage.
    Why Universities need to Close the Student Feedback Loop

    It has become common practice to seek students’ views to inform improvement in universities. Student feedback can inform reflective practice and what might be done differently to make the teaching…

  • evasys V8.1
    New features in evasys V8.1

    All new features and adjustments of the evasys version 8.1 are presented here.

  • A new HTML report interface for evasys

    With the release of version 8.0 (2202), the previous HTML report system that had been integrated in evasys for many years was replaced with an updated system.

  • Accessible surveys and testing with evasys and evaexam

    In the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) defines recommendations for the accessibility of web offerings. These guidelines highlight…

  • LTI Integration
    Possibilities of the LTI® interface in evasys

    For a successful evaluation, it’s important to keep barriers that lower participation to a minimum.