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  • ISO certification – focus on quality, security and innovation

    We recently received the coveted ISO 27001 certification - a real breakthrough in our journey towards service excellence and innovative solutions. This certification not only marks a milestone for our…

  • After the release is before the release – Sneak Preview of evaexam V9.0

    With version 9.0 our exam solution evaexam gets a new coat of paint - in this article you get an exclusive sneak preview of the new evaexam interface.

  • Jetzt evasys evaexam 8.2
    Now: new evasys and evaexam version 8.2 are available!

    Engaging with the data is the first step towards greater identification with the results for all those involved in the evaluation. The extension of the existing HTML report with improved…

  • Studentin am Laptop.
    Creating exam situations: secure and transparent online exams with evaexam version 8.2

    The evaexam version 8.2 is coming soon, and with it our online exams make a mighty leap forward. They will be even more transparent, efficient, and modern. We have changed…

  • Visualisierung Hotspotfrage.
    New in version 8.2: The hotspot question in evaexam

    Designing online exams in a quality-assuring, reliable, and activating way: The new hotspot question in evaexam opens up new ways for instructors to design exams. Learn more about the new…

  • A short preview of the new features of evaexam version 8.2

    We would like to provide you with a brief preview of some features of evaexam version 8.2. The release is expected in fall 2021. Expect many new features and improvements…

  • Prüfungsdashboard
    The new exam dashboard – Live tracking and monitoring of exams

    With the exam dashboard, you can track examination activities and the status of individual examinees live. Further functions and added values of the dashboard are presented in this article.

  • Hochschule Fulda.
    How to help your students prepare for their online exams

    Learn how to optimally prepare your students for upcoming online examinations in evaexam in this practice example from Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

  • Lernkontrollen evaexam.
    Learn more about student learning achievement

    Learning assessments offer considerable benefits for both students and instructors and can be conducted quickly and easily with our examination software evaexam.

  • Best performance of evaexam through managed hosting

    Not least due to the special and unplannable circumstances of the Corona pandemic, online exam formats at higher education institutions and universities are increasingly becoming the focus of the digital…

  • Mann am Computer.
    Delete historical data in evaexam to meet deletion deadlines

    From now on, all evaexam administrators can easily delete user accounts that have not been active in the system for a long time by using our new plug-in. Also exams…

  • exaexam V8.1
    New features in evaexam V8.1

    With version 8.1 evaexam has been expanded to include some new functions that support and simplify your work with the software on various levels.

  • Accessible surveys and testing with evasys and evaexam

    In the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) defines recommendations for the accessibility of web offerings. These guidelines highlight…