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  • Gruppe Menschen in einem kreativem Prozess.
    How surveys can contribute to successful change management!

    Due to rapidly changing markets and requirements, change management is no longer optional but rather a must. There is a distinct need to adapt to changing circumstances, whether these changes…

  • Geschäftsfrau im Gespräch mit Kollegen
    Congress of the DeGEval Work group Healthcare

    It is our intention to adapt the two industry solutions qurricula and quratio to the most current and urgent requirements of these industries. In order to be always up to…

  • Entwicklung von Programmierungstechnologie.
    Always technically ahead!

    Hardly any other industry is as fast-moving and exciting as software development. The curiosity of developers for better, more intelligent solutions is what moves companies, institutions and thus society forward.

  • Öffentlicher Redner, der auf einer Business-Veranstaltung spricht
    Changing Together – Spring Conference of the DeGEval AK Universities 2018

    The topics of the conference were as wide-ranging as the tasks and challenges facing universities today. One of the most important areas, for example, is quality management in teaching and…

  • Gruppe Leute im Büro am Computer.
    The ZuriHAC 2018

    From 2018-06-08 to 2018-06-10, our subsidiary from Budapest participated in ZuriHac2018 Haskell Hackathon in Rapperswill (near Zurich). Exciting speakers convinced with exciting topics like refinement types for Haskell and building…

  • Sitzende Menschen in einem Raum, welche einer Vortragenden zuhören.
    Guest at the SEVAL in Bern

    Accuracy is essential in evaluation. It therefore goes without saying that in Switzerland evaluations are carried out with the precision of a clockwork. In 2019, our subsidiary in Budapest had…

  • Eine große Gruppe Menschen in einem Raum
    New year, new insights – QM conference at MU Graz

    For the qurricula expert of our subsidiary in Budapest, Wolfgang A. Grabow, the conference held not only a reunion with customers and colleagues, but also a number of contributions worth…

  • Redner in einem Konferenzsaal.
    Lehre-lotsen conference

    Thematically, the conference dealt with networked structures for quality development in studying and instruction with a special focus on dialogue/change of perspective, versatility and interfaces.

  • einem Vortrag zuhörende Menschen
    Addendum to the Nexus Conference 2019

    Today, knowledge is passed on in many different ways. But how can it be determined whether this knowledge is actually being transmitted properly? The more complex a subject, the more…

  • Konferenz und Präsentation.
    Introducing qurricula at the ACQUIN Members meeting 2019

    About two years ago, our subsidiary in Budapest started to focus more intensively on the topic of system and program accreditation. Together with the University of Heidelberg, it developed a…

  • Junger Mann am Computer
    Our used technology behind evasys+ and qurricula

    Since the establishment of our subsidiary in Budapest, we have consciously developed our branch solutions on the basis of functional programming. Every day we use Clojure and ClojureScript for this…