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  • Drei sich unterhaltende Menschen.
    Ever worked with the Net Promoter Score?

    The net promoter score refers to the experience of customers and students. The focus is on the question, whether one would recommend a company, a product, etc. to friends or…

  • A short preview of the new features of evaexam version 8.2

    We would like to provide you with a brief preview of some features of evaexam version 8.2. The release is expected in fall 2021. Expect many new features and improvements…

  • Öffentlicher Redner, der auf einer Business-Veranstaltung spricht
    Changing Together – Spring Conference of the DeGEval AK Universities 2018

    The topics of the conference were as wide-ranging as the tasks and challenges facing universities today. One of the most important areas, for example, is quality management in teaching and…

  • Sitzende Menschen in einem Raum, welche einer Vortragenden zuhören.
    Guest at the SEVAL in Bern

    Accuracy is essential in evaluation. It therefore goes without saying that in Switzerland evaluations are carried out with the precision of a clockwork. In 2019, our subsidiary in Budapest had…

  • Eine große Gruppe Menschen in einem Raum
    New year, new insights – QM conference at MU Graz

    For the qurricula expert of our subsidiary in Budapest, Wolfgang A. Grabow, the conference held not only a reunion with customers and colleagues, but also a number of contributions worth…

  • Redner in einem Konferenzsaal.
    Lehre-lotsen conference

    Thematically, the conference dealt with networked structures for quality development in studying and instruction with a special focus on dialogue/change of perspective, versatility and interfaces.

  • Exchange forum for system-accredited universities

    A special opportunity was offered to our subsidiary in Budapest at the 2nd exchange forum of system-accredited universities in Münster at the beginning of April. Discussions were held on everything…

  • einem Vortrag zuhörende Menschen
    Addendum to the Nexus Conference 2019

    Today, knowledge is passed on in many different ways. But how can it be determined whether this knowledge is actually being transmitted properly? The more complex a subject, the more…

  • Lernkontrollen evaexam.
    Learn more about student learning achievement

    Learning assessments offer considerable benefits for both students and instructors and can be conducted quickly and easily with our examination software evaexam.

  • Dialogevaluation.
    Dialogue Evaluation: Established Practice in the U.K.

    The dialog evaluation is already common practice at most universities in the U.K. Our British colleagues told us, how the motivation of students to participate in surveys has changed through…

  • Hochschule RheinMain
    Successful implementation of qurricula for accreditation at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences

    In everyday life, we are convinced by the intuitive way of working. Qurricula is practically self-explanatory. We have all the relevant documents for the processes in one place, which makes…

  • Studierende am Tisch
    Identify needs of your students and respond in time

    Due to the current corona situation, universities as well as students are facing new challenges. Master them with evasys+…

  • Zwei Menschen am Laptop.
    7 reasons why qurricula is also useful for your quality management

    In the following, we show you seven requirements that arise from the quality management and accreditation processes and which solutions qurricula offers therefore.

  • A software with experience: evasys+ – short introduction

    With the help of evasys+, instructors and students can be more closely involved in survey and quality development processes. Instructors thus have the opportunity to get into dialogue with students…

  • Studierende nehmen an einer Onlineumfrage teil.
    Why pulse surveys are such an important thing

    Especially nowadays there is much food for thought about student engagement and student well-being. The reason for this is the current Corona-situation. University life is upside down - everything happens…

  • Studierende Umfrage.
    Why Universities need to Close the Student Feedback Loop

    It has become common practice to seek students’ views to inform improvement in universities. Student feedback can inform reflective practice and what might be done differently to make the teaching…

  • LTI Integration
    Possibilities of the LTI® interface in evasys

    For a successful evaluation, it’s important to keep barriers that lower participation to a minimum.